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100%whole grain

100% healthy

100% whole grain, 100% healthy

We are committed to better acquainting consumers with “wholemeal bread”. Our range therefore contains many 100% wholemeal breads. 100% wholemeal bread is made exclusively from wholemeal flour, without the addition of wheat flour.

Our whole wheat flour is made from the whole grain, ground in a natural way. This is the only way we guarantee that the maximum content of fiber, vitamins, minerals and bioactive components remains in the bread.

Whole wheat bread is also tasty.

In recent research, consumers prefer wholemeal bread as the most delicious breakfast product.

So delicious that it can be eaten at any time of the day.

Health charter

Rapeseed oil - Omega 3

Biaform chooses rapeseed oil as vegetable fat because rapeseed contains many healthy fatty acids (monounsaturated), which is beneficial for the health of the heart and blood vessels. Rapeseed oil is also a renowned source of vitamin E and linolenic acid, an essential Omega 3 amino acid.

Iodine salt

We deliberately keep the salt content in all Biaform recipes low (max. 1g/100g), below the recommended dietary guidelines and without compromising on taste.

Our breads also contain iodine salt instead of common salt. Iodine salt is recommended by the Belgian Health Council to improve the iodine intake of the Belgian population.

Varied selection of whole grain and multigrain breads

Biaform, the bread of choice for your line and health, is easily recognisable by its blue label and yellow silhouette. The 100% whole grain recipe has been around for more than 30 years, and has been a pleasure for several generations of “Breadlovers” who want to eat responsibly.

These nutritious and high-quality breads are made with whole-grain cereals and are particularly suitable for consumers who consciously want to eat healthier but do not want to compromise on taste. The typical ultra-fine slices give you a satiated feeling.

Only the highest quality raw materials are selected to bake a fresh Biaform bread through a unique process. The family bakery has developed a thorough knowledge of the grains and a unique quality expertise, which allows for making tasty health breads with a high nutritional value and longer freshness.

Biaform breads are baked fresh daily and are available on the “pre-packed bread” shelves of Belgian supermarkets and their online shops.

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Volkoren graanproducten

Minstens 125 g per dag

The biggest health gains can be achieved by consuming more whole grain cereals (bread, pasta, rice, …).

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